Which Baking Method is Best?

Get the flour, crack the eggs, pour the water and oil, mix until creamy, put the mixture in a pan and then put it in the oven to bake. These are common actions that are typically done during the basic method of baking.

Perfecting a recipe that fulfills the taste buds of both the baker and the eater takes time, patience, and effort. Throughout the years, baking has become more versatile, due to the different dietary constrictions that have grown in popularity. Baking recipes like vegan and gluten free have been causing the “regular” methods to decrease in having the number one status of the go-to cake recipe.

According to The New York Times, gluten free recipes occasionally are “unpleasant”, “tough” and “tasteless”, but in today’s ever-changing society, it has become the opposite. Gluten free recipes and baked goods have risen in popularity and people even without gluten allergies enjoy these treats as well, if not more.

Being “vegan” is a term that has certainly grown in popularity over the course of just a couple years, but it has certainly placed a large impact on the world of baking, just like the gluten free recipes have.

According to Vegan Baking, “creating vegan recipes for cakes has never been easier or tastier!” Many of the ingredients that are recommended to create a vegan cake are indeed gluten free. These new baking practices are similar, but at the same time, oh so different.

Because vegans cannot consume anything dairy, adding eggs into a cake recipe can lead to disaster. There are such a wide variety of different choices that can be used to replace the eggs, like applesauce and “egg replacers,” which are made up of a variety of things. Vegan Baking recommended using the “flax seed egg replacer” because it is “an egg substitute that is almost magic.”

Vegan and gluten free recipes may have grown excessively in popularity, but there are still people who enjoy the traditional way of baking sweet treats, especially cakes.

According to The Week, cupcakes “will always be beloved.” It is important to have a basic idea about how to create your batter and what to mix it with, but it is typically less complex than having to substitute certain ingredients.

Is there an overall best cupcake recipe? Even with the vegan and gluten free baked goods options, this is an opinion people will have to make themselves, as not everyone likes the same thing. Each method has something special to bring to the table, so even if some people prefer vegan cupcakes to the traditional method, they are still enjoying a tasty and decadent treat.


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